FOR SALE  Lovebird babies for sale. These are all hand fed and hand raised. They are 3 1/2 months old, and I have several color mutations available. There are 3 Edged Dilute Violets from 2 different clutches, 2 Inos from another clutch, 2 Pallids from another clutch, and 2 WF Violets.
Contact Linda Kelly at 250-753-0909 or
Gouldian Finches

FOR SALE  Gouldian Finch babies from 2 different pairs available, age 3 months.


Contact Linda Kelly at 250-753-0909 or

Type Canaries


FOR SALE  Border and Fife Canaries. 


Contact  Reg Nixon 250-384-7214 or


FOR SALE  Lories:, Goldies, Blacks, Black-caps, Yellow-bibs; pairs & pets.

Lory information.; Lory nectar & Lory dry diets.

African Species: Blue-bellied Meyer's Parrots & Blue-Cap Conures


Contact TAYLORMADE AVIARIES 250-478-5101 or


FOR SALE  "Proceedings of the First International Birds in Captivity Symposium" 1978 Seattle Washington, 530 pages. 


Finches for sale

FOR SALE:  gouldians  blackhead white breast/ purple breast .


redheaded Star finches,  green singers,  blucaps



Contact Pete Noseda - or 250 743 2076

Type Canary cages for sale

FOR SALE: 23 Type canary cages were converted to bugerigar cages but were too small- it will be good breeding and small bird cages. 

Contact Tony -

Flikr - papooga

Birds for Sale

FOR SALE: 1200.00$

 1 pair


male - 4 years old - Split Blue Breast

female 5 years old - Blue breast


ready to breed will sell as a pair 

Contact Poul - - (604) 219 9806

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