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Please send in your 2018 Ring orders to recieve them in time. 

Please keep in mind that you need to prepay before you recieve your order.

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***MEMBERSHIP FEES - 20.00$ - Flat Fee***


To Renew membership please contact 

VICBS - C/O J. Taylor



Membership dues are required to order rings. 

Please note: If you wish to show Current Year birds in the shows they would need to be Closed Band Rings.





CLOSED                                                                        BIRD TYPES                                                                          SPLIT

        A                                          (2.16 mm)Small Waxbills and Bichenos (Owl Finch)                                         XF


        B                                (2.34 mm)Cordon Bleu, Fire Finch, Lavender Finch, Red Siskin                                XF


        C                      (2.49 mm)Gouldian Finch and other small finches, Silverbills, Star Finch,                       XF

                                  Heck's Grassfinch, Zebra Finch, Pictorella, Cherry Finch, Painted Finch,

                                                                       Chestnut Breasted Finch      


        D                            (2.67 mm)Green Singing Finch, Cut-Throat Finch, Parrot Finch,                                XF

                                        Violet Eared Waxbill, Bengalese Finch, other Australian Finches


        E                        (2.84 mm)Gloster, Fife and miniature Canaries, Blackcap, Greenfinch,                         XCS

                                    Nightingale, Yellow Hammer, Chaffinch, Bramble Finch, Red Bunting,

                                                   Diamond Sparrow, Yellow Sisken and all Nuns

        G                                    (3.05 mm)Border, Roller, Red Factor, Japanese Hoso,                                            XCL

                                                            Lizard Canaries, Snow Bunting, Bull Finch                 

        J                     (3.30 mm)Yorkshire, Norwich, Crested and Frill Canaries, Corn Bunting                          XCL

        K                          (3.94 mm)Java Sparrow, Hawfinch, Shama, Pekin Robin, Mesias                                   XB

        L                                (4.09 mm)  Grass and Bourkes Parakeets, Diamond Dove,                                         XB

                                                             Chinese Painted Quail, Parrotlets


        M                    (4.34 mm)Budgerigar, Redrumps, Manycolours, Lovebirds, Mistle Thrush,                      X3

                                     Blackbird, Shrike, Glossy Starlings, Kakarikis, Lineolated Parakeets


        N                      (5.33 mm)Cockatiels, Mealie, Stanley and Golden Mantled Rosellas,                               1FB 

                                                Pileated Parrot, Plumhead Parakeet, Goldie Lorikeet

        P                          (5.99 mm)Cloncurry, Pennant, Quaker, larger Quail, Doves, Dusky,                             1FB

                                   Peach Fronted, Pyrrhura, Green Cheeked & Maroon Bellied Conures,

                                                    African Ringneck, Tippler/Tumbler Pigeons


        R                  (7.04 mm)Port Lincoln, Twenty-Eight, Blue Headed Pionus, Larger Rosellas,                    2FB

                   Crimson, Blue-Winged, Nanday & Sun Conures, Princess of Wales, Lesser Hill Mynah,

                                  Indian Ringneck, Rainbow Dusky, Blue-Streaked & Violet Necked Lory,

                               Rock Pebbler, Barrabands, Grey Cheeked Parakeet, Moustache Parakeets


         S                      (7.57 mm) Pantagonian Conure, Homing Pigeon, Australian King Parrot,                     2FB

                                        Red Lory, Meyer's Parrot, Hahn's Macaw, Blue Crowned Pionus

        T                 (8.69 mm)Alexandrine Parakeet, Derbyan, Mitred, White Eyed, Red Fronted,                     3FB

                                 White Crowned & Scaly Headed Pionus, White Fronted, Yellow Billed,

                                 Tucuman Amazons, Dwarf Macaws, Red Bellied Parrots, Large Lories,

                              Chattering Lories, Senegals, Caiques, Cherry Headed Conure, Jardine


        U        (9.45 mm)Goffin, Citron Crested, Lesser Sulphur Crested and Rose Brested Cockatoos,          4PB

                                     Timmeh African Greys, Severe Macaw, White Crowned Turaco

        V                          (11.00 mm)Congo African Grey, Medium Sulphur Crested Cockatoos,                       5PB

                  Mexican Red Headed, Yellow Crowned & Red Lored Amazons and other large Amazons,                                                                                 Turacos, Solomonensis Eclectus 


       W        (12.70 mm)Triton, Moluccan and Umbrella Cockatoos, Red Sided & Vosmaeri Eclectus           6PB


       X                                 (14.29 mm)Scarlet, Green Winged and other large Macaws,                                    7PB

                                                 Lead Beater's, Palm & Sulphur Crested Cockatoos

       Y                                                           (15.98 mm)Hyacinth Macaw                                                                 8PB






2018 ring colour will be RED



Membership dues must be paid before ordering rings.

Handling and mailing charges are $5.00 an order.




To order or for further information contact the V.I.C.B.S. ring registrar;


J. Taylor

Information at bottom of page






There are 10 bands to a string. Prices are for 1 string unless specified.


Due to the decrease in the Canadian Dollar there has been a change in price. We will do our best to give you the best price possible. We would like to continue to serve your ring needs and still stay in business in the future. 

Aluminum Closed Uncoded Rings


A to L  - 7.25

M to S – 8.00

T to Y - 20.00

T to Y singles – 5.00 (Minimum 5 bands per order)

Aluminum Closed CODED ($5.00/yr to register)


A to L  - 7.50

M to S – 8.25

T to Y - 22.00

T to Y singles – 5.50 (Minimum 5 bands per order)


Please note:
Sizes T to Y plain may be ordered singly  in minimum of 5 bands. 

Closed stainless steel rings K to Y can be ordered at a charge of $7.50ea for plain and $8.25 each for coded.


Metal Split Rings


Uncoded (numbered)


A to L  - 12.00

M to S – 14.00

T to X - 18.50

Y to Z - 30.00

T to Y singles – 5.00 (Minimum 5 bands per order)

Coded ($5.00/yr to register)


A to L  - 14.50

M to S - 16.50

T to Y - 19.00

Y to Z - 35.00

T to Y singles – 5.50 (Minimum 5 bands per order)

Please note:
Metal splits require NO tool, are aluminum colour with black lettering and have no choice of number unless in stock.
Sizes T to Y may be ordered singly at a charge of $5.00 each(Minimum 5 bands)



Plastic Split Rings


XF to X3  for $4.25
1FB to 2FB  for $4.50



XF to X3  for $7.00

1FB to 2FB  for $7.00

Appliance tools are free and sent upon request.


Identification on our rings is VIB 



**Membership dues are required to order rings. A Regular membership is $30.00 a seniors membership is $20.00.



Shipping and handling charges are $5.00 per order. 

For further information please contact J. Taylor  via email at vancouverislandcagebirdsociety@gmail.com



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